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Financial Planning and Education  

Financial planning focused on maximizing value

Work takes up a large proportion of our lives but with any luck, retirement could now last almost as long.


Retirement should be a rewarding and enjoyable time so planning is vital. Many employers nowadays recognise the value of helping their staff prepare for life after work. Our service enables employers to meet this need. We can provide advice to those leaving employment, whether due to retirement or redundancy, and tailor a programme of courses and one-to-one appointments to suit your company’s needs, and those of your employees.


Various forms of engagement that enhance the reward

  • Open courses: People are becoming more and more aware of how much forward planning can improve their retirement portfolio. As a result there is a growing need for more generalised advice for employees. Our open courses are ideally suited to companies who have small numbers of staff seeking advice at any one time. They are attended by delegates from different companies at a conveniently located venue.

  • One-to-one meetings: Usually retirement advice is only required for small numbers of people at any one time, so one-to-one meetings can be the most appropriate way to deliver it. We’ll meet with an individual to understand their unique situation and objectives then provide them with a comprehensive report detailing the areas discussed. This can include mortgage, loan and debt advice, pension planning, wills and lasting power of attorney, investments and portfolio planning
  • Bespoke courses: For most companies, it’s unusual to have a number of employees retiring at the same time but it’s possible you may have a group of employees made redundant. Neither giving nor receiving notice of redundancy is easy, but providing staff with access to advice and information can enable them to

    move forward in a positive way. Should this need arise we can run in-house courses for groups of people - either on your premises or at a convenient location

  • Course speakers: Our speakers are all specialists in their field, chosen for their skill at communicating and for their depth of knowledge and technical expertise


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