Yes! Smaller companies also need to comply with Auto Enrolment. Are you ready?

The words ‘Auto Enrolment’ need not fill you with fear because help is at hand. Jelf have developed two streamlined consultancy services that help employers like you easily put in place a compliant Auto Enrolment solution.


Click on the images for further details of our Auto Enrolment solutions:


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When should you start planning?


We are helping hundreds of employers with Auto Enrolment, and in our experience six months prior to the staging date is usually long enough for small businesses to plan and implement their solution.


If you are not sure of your staging date click here to find it out. You will need to have your company's PAYE reference to hand.

You can sign up to our solutions at any time. The advantage of signing up early is that you secure our expertise, amidst genuine concern in the wider market about the availability of Auto Enrolment support for employers. You don't want leave it to the last minute and be faced with an expensive or unsuitable scheme for your needs.


Less than six months before your staging date? 


If it is less than six months until your staging date, or even past your staging date, don't panic but you do need to act fast! Your first step is to contact us without delay so we can discuss your requirements.


Register now -  we will contact you at the right time


If you want to use Jelf AEase or Jelf AEase Lite to help you with your Auto Enrolment compliance you can Register your interest with us now with no cost or obligation. We will then contact you around six months before your staging date, and you can sign up and secure our support at that point.