Life After Work 

Planning for retirement services

The days of your employees retiring just because they reach a certain age are in the past.
Individuals with Defined Contribution pension benefits can currently access their fund from age 55, so retirement or partial retirement becomes a reality sooner than you think. This means they have some big choices to make about when to retire, whether they can afford to retire, how to access their benefits and what type of lifestyle they want in retirement.
To help employees understand their options and make informed choices, Jelf provide help and support through a range of services targeted at employees and individuals aged 50 and over, including:

Life After Work planning

To help ensure employees have a better understanding of their finances and how to make the most of them when they finish work, our team of financial experts can provide information and guidance with a helpline, workshops and individual clinics.

LaterLife pre-retirement workshops and websites

Through our specialist lifestyle retirement planning arm, LaterLife, we offer education and support focussed on the important lifestyle choices that individuals need to think about before they can be confident about retiring. We help employees consider important issues such as relationships, health, employment, travel, hobbies and time-management. We can do this as retirement approaches and also when it becomes a reality.

Jelf Retirement Income Finder (JRIF)

Whilst there is greater freedom in how individuals can access their pension benefits, an annuity is still a suitable choice for many individuals who want certainty of income in retirement.  Jelf Retirement Income Finder is a ‘whole of market’ annuity search facility so individuals can get the best income from their chosen annuity, with hand-holding and guidance available throughout the decision making process.

Chartered Financial Planning

Our Chartered Financial planning business, Jelf Financial Planning Ltd delivers advice focussed on the specific needs of the individual, backed up by service which stands out from the crowd. At Jelf we deliver advice your employees can trust.

Wider services from Jelf 

Jelf is a leading independent consultancy supporting businesses and individuals with expert advice on matters relating to insurance, healthcare, employee benefits and financial planning.

With more than 30 offices across England, Wales and Scotland, we provide a personal, friendly, client focused approach with the benefits that come from being a full service intermediary with national reach - a combination that makes for a powerful partnership.