Being Better with Money


Your company's most important assets are your employees because happy, motivated individuals are crucial to the success of your business. 

But they can get distracted with worries outside of work, like their financial situation which can result in poor performance at work.


Money at Work is a range of financial education courses which will help your employees gain greater control of their finances so that they can remain focused at work.

By helping to ensure the wellbeing of your employees you could create a happier, more productive and enduring workforce.


Money at Work helps employers help their employees be better with money.

We also provide consultancy on a variety of financial topics and governance training for HR representatives. We can also create and develop bespoke courses to help you address the specific needs of your employees. We will also implement communications strategies to assist you with providing benefits to your employees.


You spend a lot of money on employee benefits

The benefits provided for employees are important to their financial wellbeing, both now and in the future, and they will likely form the cornerstone of their financial plans. The benefits package is a significant factor in why they work for you, and you invest a lot of time, effort and money in providing it.


In a competitive environment you should offer an attractive range of benefits to recruit and retain the best quality staff. Reducing benefits isn't an attractive option and you need to be confident you are getting value for money from your employee benefits spread.


Financial education

Through a combination of self-led study workbooks and interactive classroom training, Jelf Money at Work can help employees at all levels of the business understand their finances.

Financial matters can appear complex, confusing and ever-changing. Individuals can therefore shy away; failing to understand what it is they are investing in and how this will affect their future. Yet understanding and taking control of their finances is more important than ever.

Your workforce and business priorities naturally change over time, and within the framework of Jelf Money at Work we will work with you to develop a flexible and comprehensive programme that is right for your business and your employees.