Are you a vendor looking for another way to close deals?


Price is always going to be a major consideration in any purchase, but a client’s lack of budget doesn’t have to reduce your opportunities. Offering clients a no-hassle solution to financing the purchase of your products can help increase sales, accelerate cash flow and assist you in launching new products.


For example, proposing a rental figure of £350 a month rather than outright capital payment of £10,000 will soften the blow and enable your clients to build the cost into their annual budgets.


Our service is all about tailoring finance packages to suit your requirements. As experienced independent commercial finance advisers we research the market on your behalf to identify the solution that’s right for you and your client’s needs. The benefits include:


  • The finance house will pay you as soon as the agreement is signed
  • Increased sales potential as your products become more affordable
  • Offering finance options speeds up the sales process meaning there is less time for competitors to step in
  • Allows your client to spread the cost of investment over an agreed term


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