IT finance

Few things in business seem to change as frequently as technology. Continually investing in new IT may help to grow your business and improve its operational efficiency but at what cost?


As a depreciating asset it just doesn’t pay to tie up valuable working capital which could be put to more profitable uses; and who wants to spend cash on equipment or software that could soon be obsolete?


IT finance solutions, such as leasing, mean that you no longer need to own fast-depreciating technology assets or justify the expense or the risk of buying them outright. In fact, leasing technology is a fast, flexible and potentially a tax-efficient way to obtain the IT you want, when you want it.


We can arrange finance for many different types of software and hardware but we also recognise that many clients want more than just finance, they want a partner to help manage their IT infrastructure. Our experienced team can take care of everything from procuring the hardware and software to managing your IT assets through their lifecycle and disposing of redundant hardware on your behalf.


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