Invoice finance


We recognise that every business is different. However what they all have in common is a need for cold, hard cash so it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are relying on methods such as invoice finance to improve their cash flow.


Invoice finance (factoring or invoice discounting) enables you to access the day – to day working capital you need to run your business by effectively turning your invoices into cash that you can use straight away.


As experienced independent commercial finance advisers, we have got access to a wide variety of lenders across the market so we can identify the most suitable one for your needs. We can also use our buying power and lender relationships to negotiate leading rates – so there’s really no need to look elsewhere.


As well as sourcing the finance, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ll also manage the entire process on your behalf. We’ll liaise with lenders and ensure a slick exchange of information and paperwork to free up your valuable time.


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