Our approach


Jelf Commercial Finance aims to remove any ‘unknowns’ when raising money for your business by using our experience, market knowledge and buying power to secure the best possible finance option for you.

At our initial meeting, we obtain a clear understanding of the background of your business. We also clarify your existing financial arrangements, in terms of borrowings, bank charges and the services that you use. 

We then discuss the financial requirements of the business for the next 12 months. As a growing business- 


  • How can you improve cashflow?
  • Will you be moving premises or expanding a current site?
  • What is the replacement schedule for your machinery?
  • How will you finance your future vehicle requirements?
  • Are you looking at the acquisition of a competitor?


Having understood what is important to you and your business, we then approach potential lenders to research the most appropriate arrangements. With access to a wide variety of financial institutions we look to match your requirements with a lender who can provide a financing package that will assist, rather than hold back, your business. Having sourced the lender, we actively manage the whole process through to final drawdown of the loan.

The result, we believe, is that our clients are happy in the knowledge that the structure and cost of their financial arrangements are uniquely tailored to their needs, leaving them free to spend more time running their business…the benefits are obvious.


If we can help you and your business please get in touch on 0800 652 9266 or email