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Professional Indemnity vs. Public Liability

Professional indemnity insurance can often be confused with other covers. Most commonly it is confused with Public Liability, when it is in fact very different. This confusion can lead many people to not recognise that they need the cover or how invaluable it can be to them.

How does each cover protect you?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect a professional and their business in the event of a client making a claim against them as a result of non-performance, breach of duty of care or professional negligence. If your business sells knowledge, advice, design, specification or supervision, Professional indemnity insurance will be necessary to protect your business should a claim arise.

Public Liability protects against claims of negligence that may have caused clients and third parties to suffer injury or illness as a result. For example if someone slips on a wet floor in a shop. Public Liability can also provide cover in the event of damage to third parties’ property.

How Jelf can help.

Unlike many insurance brokers, Professional indemnity insurance isn’t just an additional product we provide; it’s our speciality and our passion. Our long-term market relationships mean we are well placed to secure some of the most competitive cover for our clients. We also have years of technical experience within our team, who take pride in ensuring you have the right cover in place. Our expertise comes into its own with our claims team who prove invaluable when negotiating with insurers for the best outcome when a claim is lodged against you.