Young Drivers - cars and insurance

Comprehensive cover at a competitive cost. Isn't that what all drivers deserve? We certainly think so and we don't believe in penalising young drivers for their youth and inexperience.  This is why we are working with Marmalade to offer young drivers access to affordable options to buy and insure a car.

Learner insurance


  • Cover from as little as £85 a month
  • Practise in a family or friend's car without the car owner risking their No Claims Bonus
  • Choose the length of cover you need from one to three months and extend it when you need to
  • You can be insured for cars up to Group 32 and a maximum market value of £20,000 for example an Audi A4 2.0 or a BMW 535D
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New driver insurance

Using black box technology, you could save £100s, even £1000s on your insurance 

  • Benefit from the maximum discount from the outset
  • There are no curfews, penalties or extra charges for driving at night
  • You can access online feedback so you can review your journeys and have the chance to take free e-learning modules to develop safer driving skills
  • You can start building a No Claims Bonus straight away

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Cars for young drivers

Cars for young drivers is an affordable way for you to buy and insure a new or nearly new car

  • Black box technology helps reduce the cost of your insurance premiums
  • Cars available from a range of manufacturers such as Fiat, Ford, Kia, Peugeot and Vauxhall

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All insurance policies introduced by Jelf to Marmalade are administered by Provisional Marmalade Limited or its appointed representative Young Marmalade Limited, who are both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.