Annuities - to provide income in retirement

From April 2015 there is greater flexibility in how you can access your pension savings to provide your income in retirement, such as accessing your pension fund directly.

Taking an income via an annuity is still an attractive option for many people, not least because it provides certainty around the level of income you will receive.  If you decide that an annuity is the best option for your circumstances and objectives, we can help find the right type of annuity for you and with the best annuity rate available.
In most instances the annuity offered by the provider you built up your pension pot with will not be the best available.  It is crucial to get the best deal you can, because once purchased the terms of the annuity cannot usually be changed. Annuities are available from a number of different providers and there are many different features and options available to suit your income needs in retirement.  It is important that you make the right choices at outset and secure a competitive level of income with the pension fund that you have worked hard to build up over many years.

Jelf Retirement Income Finder is an impartial service that does all the legwork and searches a wide number of annuity providers in the open market to get the best terms for you. It may be right for you if you are likely to buy an annuity in the next six months and, with information and support, you are comfortable making your own choices.  Please click here for more details.

There is no fee for Jelf Retirement Income Finder, because if you buy an annuity through this service, commission will be paid by your chosen provider. If for any reason you don’t buy an annuity there is still
no fee.


Please click to access our calculator and see how much annuity income you could receive for your pension fund.  You only need to enter a few details and it takes less than a minute.  The calculator also lets you vary some of the features available, like inflation-linking, so you can see the effect this has on the income level. The calculator assumes you are fit and well for your age; our full service will be able to check if you qualify for a higher income based on various health and lifestyle factors. This calculator is for guidance only.



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