Complementary services

Get a more complete cover with our optional services


As well as high quality property insurance, we can also offer access to a range of complementary services including engineering inspections, specialist surveys and assessments.


  • Management Liability Portfolio Insurance - Providing liability insurance for senior staff to protect against legal costs and damages.
  • Engineering inspection – Helping you meet your legal requirement on “plant” equipment including lifts and boilers. 
  • Terrorism Insurance - covers potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorism.


Services we can arrange with external providers


  • Fire risk assessment - Identifies the fire hazards and risks in your property, enabling you to take the steps necessary to ensure safety.
  • Air quality surveys - Surveys can help you make sure the occupiers are in a healthy environment and that your property meets air quality standards.
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) – We can help you obtain your EPC as well as helping to identifying ways to make your property more energy efficient.
  • Electrical installation reports - A qualified team will inspect and test the electrical installation in your property, identifying any defects, deterioration and potential risks. 
  • Asbestos audits - Surveys can help you make sure your property complies with current health and safety law.

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