Jelf Wellbeing at Work


 IntroSolutions Service Why Jelf?


We recognise our clients have a multitude of needs, but that many companies will share common requirements, for example, receiving advice you can trust, a professional service and helping to make your life easier.

We take the time to understand what each one of our clients wants from their workplace wellbeing strategy, so we can ensure their needs are met.


 Our Wellbeing Model 

Our wellbeing model


Our approach is simple – we run a 5 stage process that ensures we understand your evolving requirements and can help you deliver them.


Jelf is here to work in partnership with you. We let you set the tempo. You choose how often you want to meet us and what type of service you need. We’re here for you.








If you’d like more information on Jelf wellbeing at work, please call us on 0333 920 6911 or email us at