Next Steps

We hope you have decided that Jelf AEase Lite is the right solution to help your business get Auto Enrolment compliant. Sign up to our solutions today and we will then contact you and commence your consultancy.

We appreciate that value for money is an important consideration and we have designed Jelf AEase Lite to be a cost effective and affordable solution for small businesses, which reflects the significant level of expertise, research and commitment that we provide. 


What are the costs?

There is an initial consultancy fee of £495 + VAT when you sign up to Jelf AEase Lite. The cost of our ongoing service is £240 per annum + VAT, payable in advance. 

Just to be clear, we receive no commission or other payments from pension scheme or software providers in relation to Jelf AEase Lite.


Full details are availble on request.