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Auto Enrolment in a nutshell 

Auto Enrolment is designed to make individuals save more for their retirement.

By law employers must set up a qualifying workplace pension scheme, automatically enrol all eligible employees into it and make contributions on their behalf.


Auto Enrolment is the most significant change in UK pensions for several decades and places several new responsbilities on employers.


What does this mean for your business?

This means that like many, typically smaller employers, you may for the first time be facing the prospect of putting in place a pension scheme. This includes:


 • Understanding who your workers are and splitting them between the three categories of workers - 'eligible jobholders', 'non-eligible jobholders' and 'entitled workers'

• Sourcing the right qualifying workplace pension scheme for your business
• Sourcing the right Auto Enrolment software

• Allocating appropriate resources and redesigning your payroll processes as necessary

• Understanding the additional costs resulting from Auto Enrolment
• Issuing mandatory communications
• Keeping accurate records
• Managing future joiners and leavers, and ongoing worker assessments and communications.


. . . whilst at the same time running your business and keeping your customers happy!

The Pensions Regulator has to ensure firms comply, and whilst they will provide warnings and allow time for firms to meet their responsibilities, they do also possess the power to issue penalty notices where there has been a willful failure to comply. This could mean a fine of up to £10,000 per day of non-compliance.

Help is at hand


The level of complexity, extra effort and risk of getting Auto Enrolment wrong are considerable, which is why we have developed Jelf AEase.


This streamlined consultancy service helps employers like you easily put in place a compliant Auto Enrolment solution in a straightforward and efficient manner.


Opportunity to review


Jelf offers you more though. In an environment where you are competing to retain and motivate your employees, and also attract new staff, additional benefits can really make the difference.  Jelf can draw on a range of specialist expertise to efficiently help you review and put in place a range of wider insurance and employee benefits.