Leaving Employment: Stay covered with us


If you have a company paid PMI plan and you're leaving your current employer or even retiring, Jelf can arrange the right cover to ensure you stay protected.


Continuing your PMI cover can give you and your family valuable peace of mind. If you need to claim, you'll be able to quickly access a consultant or specialist who can provide your diagnosis and if required, treatment.


Ask yourself:

•    Have you ever used your company's healthcare cover?
•    Have you developed a new condition since joining your company scheme?


Jelf can offer the following options to continue your cover:

tick.jpg   MYWellbeing - we can continue your cover, regardless of past medical history with our exclusive MYWellbeing plan
tick.jpg Continue with current provider - we can work with your current provider to obtain the best deal they have available


Act quickly

Many insurers have a short window for you to arrange cover privately, so time is of the essence. With MYWellbeing, you have 90 days to apply and with many other providers, this window is shorter.


Call us on 0333 920 7410 or request a call back.


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