Farming and Agriculture Insurance

Why you need us

Farming is such a diverse industry, with the risks and associated insurance requirements varying greatly from farm to farm.

The farm policies we arrange can cover everything from arable to intensive livestock, property, business interruption, liability cover and more. Whether it is a standard farming risk or a modern diversification we can cater for each eventuality.

  • Local
    We have specialists across the British countryside who can take the time to visit your farm and gain a thorough understanding of you and your business.
  • Knowledgeable
    From regulation to property valuation, we understand the industry and can provide cover and advice for the things affecting you.
  • Exclusive
    We work closely with many of the leading agricultural insurers to provide a range of innovative and market leading solutions.

How we can help

We’re experts in agriculture and farming and we have over 50 years’ experience in this sector. We respond to the many and varied insurance requirements of the farming community with a combination of personal service, knowledge, understanding, expertise and a range of market-leading products.

Agricultural equipment inspection

Complying with health and safety legislation is compulsory. Insurers expect compliance with statutory regulation. Indeed many assurance schemes, whether they be retailer-led, LEAF or more industry-wide red tractor standards, require minimum standards to be met. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) are two aspects of legislation a farming business shouldn't ignore.

Farm diversification

Many farms are increasingly branching out from traditional farming activity to develop new revenue streams. These new activities are often innovative and complex.  So as not to put the core assets at risk, it is essential to have the correct cover in place for each element of diversification alongside your traditional farming activity. 

Legal expenses

There are many reasons why you may incur legal expenses. We have access to insurers who have designed a specialist solution providing legal expenses cover for farmers, including cover for contract disputes, criminal prosecution, employment, tax, property, Basic Payment Scheme disputes and issues with public rights of way.

Environmental Liability

With the environment often at the top of the political agenda, its protection and the cost of dealing with any pollution incidents is a key area of concern for all kinds of business. If you are held responsible for a pollution event, the Environment Agency has the power to impose clean-up costs upon you, including the costs incurred by their consultants or contractors – even where the event occurs on your own land. That could mean being left with an unexpectedly large bill, which might not be covered by standard public liability insurance policies.

Livestock disease cover

Animal and poultry disease outbreaks are unpredictable and often devastating. In recent times Avian Influenza, brought across from Europe by migrant birds, has illustrated our vulnerability in the poultry sector. Whilst UK cattle farmers face a seemingly never ending risk from TB, they also are open to the risk of foot and mouth disease with major outbreaks occurring in the last 20 years. Combined with ever greater global trade and relaxed border controls the chance of disease remains a possibility. Whilst government compensation does assist, it usually only goes as far as contributing average replacement values for livestock lost to the disease.

Frequently asked questions

How often am I required to undertake LOLER? 

Lifting equipment has to be inspected once a year, unless it has a man cage, in which case it must be checked every 6 months.

What types of agriculture equipment typically requires inspection?
Many machines around a farm require regular checks including: steam boilers, air pressure plants, refrigeration plants, hot water heating/supply systems, fork lift trucks, lifting plant including blocks and tackle, personnel lifts, excavators/loading shovels, telehandlers, general electrical/mechanical plants.
Should I insure against the costs of the environmental damage my farm may cause?
Yes, if you are held responsible for a pollution event, the Environment Agency has the power to impose these clean up costs upon you, including the costs incurred by their consultants or contractors and even where the event occurs on your own land.
What is covered under legal protection? 
We provide a specialist legal expenses cover for farmers that includes: contract disputes, criminal prosecution, wrongful arrest, employment disputes, property disputes, tax, arbitration and agricultural land, Basic Payment Scheme, personal injury and more.