What is corporate healthcare?

The working population is getting older, creating more diverse populations of staff – all with differing needs. One thing remains the same. Absenteeism is still a big problem for employers. In fact, 140 million days of work are lost each year in the UK due to sickness absence1.

  • Prevent - Intervene - Protect
    We encourage our clients to identify potential problems early and take prompt action to support staff as quickly as possible.
  • Find the right balance
    By investing in engaging and educating your employees, you can mitigate your risks and reduce your costs while helping to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.
  • Attract and retain your best people
    More than half of employees place high value on the benefits provided by their employer. This is why 73% of employers have woken up to the power of using benefits to attract
    and retain staff2.

How we can help

As every client is different, so are your wellbeing requirements. Our specialist healthcare team will provide advice on the most appropriate range of products and services that best fit your objectives.

2. MetLife UK Employee Benefit Trends Survey 2017

Corporate healthcare solutions

We are able to offer a broad range of wellbeing solutions for your staff including:

  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Cash Plans
  • Health Screening
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Occupational Health
  • Absence Management
  • Business & Leisure Travel Insurance

We are completely independent, but as you’d expect from a leading consultancy, we are able to use our buying power and close relationships with insurers and providers to offer preferential rates for our clients.

Maximise add-on services

Many policies offer additional features that may strengthen your health and wellbeing offering, so it is worthwhile understanding exactly what your policies will provide – we can help you with this. Policies can include support with your absence management processes, for example, or early intervention support services to work with affected employees. Both of these services will help enable a greater chance of return to work.

Dedicated expert support

We take customer service seriously. That’s why we make a service commitment to each and every client. As a client of Jelf, you will be assigned a dedicated account consultant to manage all of your healthcare policies. We ensure that each consultant achieves Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualification so you can feel secure you’re dealing with industry experts. Combined with excellent client service support, it’s no surprise that we achieve consistently high client retention and client satisfaction scores.

Group scheme leaver service 

Do you have staff retiring or leaving your employment? Helping employees understand what happens to their private healthcare cover when they leave your business can help to ease their worries, creating a positive leaving experience and help you to be remembered as a responsible employer. Our group scheme leaver service helps ensure they remain protected.

Frequently asked questions

Why use an intermediary?
A: There are 3 ways of purchasing private medical insurance: direct from an insurer, through an intermediary or through an agent (e.g. bank, retail outlet). The benefit of using an independent adviser like Jelf is that we give you the best recommendations after assessing your needs in a consultative way. We are responsible for the advice we give and we can give advice on the whole of the market, not just one product or insurer.
What else does my cover provide?

Policies have changed a lot since they were first offered and all insurers and providers acknowledge that they want to be of benefit to those who don’t need to claim, as well as those who do. While it varies by plan some of the features can include:

  • Employee Assistance Programmes offering support on a range of issues including financial concerns and stress
  • Discounted shopping portal and reward programmes
  • Health calculators and online assessments to identify key health risks and provide coaching or guidance on how to reduce those risks
  • 24/7 medical support helplines for reassurance and guidance
  • Access to health and wellbeing information resources
  • Discounted health screening and other insurances
Why have Private Medical Insurance policies developed to offer these additional benefits?

This is a constant topic of debate in HR and employee benefit magazines. A fitter, healthier and more engaged workforce will mean better productivity and less staff turnover. It is always hard to put a figure on this, however it’s widely acknowledged to be of benefit for both the company and the staff.

  1. Helping companies to reduce illness and claims by providing support for prevention in the first place. Move the focus from reactive, to proactive, health and wellbeing support
  2. Insurers genuinely want to help people get healthier by better understanding their health risks and improving their wellbeing 
  3. A way for everyone to see a benefit of being in the company PMI scheme 
  4. To encourage more usage of their online facilities as most of these features are delivered by the web or through an app
What can I provide for employees who are not part of the Private Medical Insurance plan?

There are lots of options available so please speak with us to discuss this further. It will depend on your budget, what you are looking to achieve and your staff culture.

  • Pay for a lower cost option: reduced benefits PMI, cash plan, employee assistance programme, dental insurance, group life as examples
  • Change focus to prevention over protection for all staff and roll out some educational support through healthy eating or exercise support, financial education workshops, flu jabs
  • Look at options where the employees pay for the cover but you arrange access it to it – known as voluntary options.
Are we able to change insurer/provider?

Depending on your circumstances you may be able to change your PMI company and Jelf will facilitate this and make it as easy as possible. If you want to switch then there are 5 main things you need to consider:

  • Significant conditions and claims – the key contact for the PMI scheme may need to sign a declaration advising the new insurer of any conditions, whether claimed for or not, that are taking place now, planned for the future or happened in the past for the whole membership. This will determine whether a transfer to a new insurer is possible and on what terms they will accept the group.
  • Comparing your cover – even if your employees’ personal medical exclusions are the same with the new insurer, the overall cover and the terms and conditions of the new insurer are likely to be different.
  • Paperwork – the paperwork required varies from one provider to another but there’s likely to be an application form to sign and you might need to ask your employees to provide a copy of their policy certificate as proof of their current cover.
  • PMI is usually offered through an annual contract. If you are thinking of switching to another insurer, it’s best to consider doing this at your renewal date. At any other time you may lose premium so this will need to be checked.
  • Pre-existing conditions – some insurers will not add any new medical exclusions. But others may price on the basis that the policy is re-underwritten and new medical conditions are excluded. The price will often be lower but your employees on cover could be left without cover for an on-going issue.

What are other companies offering as employee benefits in our industry?
A ‘one size fits all’ does not exist and every plan is different. An effective solution involves a detailed fact find to understand your specific requirements and a tailored recommendation to help achieve them.
What about global solutions for staff based overseas?
Our specialist international healthcare team has in depth knowledge of the different healthcare systems and regulatory requirements of each country. They can help you to understand, source and manage the best solution for your individual needs. Let us know and we can put you in touch with our experts.