Employee Protection Solutions

Employee protection solutions



There are a wide variety of employee protection solutions available to your business. We will work closely with you to understand your exact requirements and advise you on the solutions that best meet your needs. We also work with leading insurers to offer exclusive protection options to our clients.

Here’s more detail on the types of product solutions available to you:

Group Life Assurance

This is the most common employee benefit in the UK. If an employee dies while in your employment, a tax free lump sum will be payable.

Group Dependant’s Cover

Group Dependant’s Cover is an additional form of group life cover, providing financial protection for your employee’s family. If an employee dies while employed by you, a regular income is provided to your employee's financial dependants.

Group Income Protection

This provides a regular income to employees if they become unable to work as a result of illness or injury; while providing you with the support that you need for your employees to return to work as soon as feasible. We work with Employers to promote procedures, which encourage early notification of absence, so that if your employees are injured or fall ill, they receive proactive help with a speedy recovery.

Group Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover pays out a tax free lump sum to employees diagnosed with a defined serious medical condition.

Other options

If you’re a smaller company, talk to us about our exclusive option for less than 30 lives insured.

And, in addition to company paid employee protection, we can work with you to introduce a range of employee paid voluntary options, to help protect your team and keep your costs down.

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