Lifestyle Retirement Planning

Retirement gives an individual an extra 2,000 hours each year to fill. Through LaterLife, the specialist lifestyle retirement planning arm of Jelf, your employees can access information and support targeted at the over 55s, considering important issues affecting individuals in their later life such as relationships, health, employment, travel, hobbies and time-management.


LaterLife run face-to-face retirement planning workshops throughout the UK. The workshops provide the opportunity for employees to spend one whole day, ideally with their partner if they have one, considering what they’ll do for the next 10,000 days in retirement. Find out more about our workshop dates, here.

Enjoying retirement

LaterLife are specialists in making the most of retirement, and their reputation has been built on the relevance, quality and lifestyle focus of their retirement planning workshops. Consistently positive feedback has led to them becoming a leading provider of open workshops, running around 150 a year at over 40 locations throughout the UK, as well as an extensive schedule of in-house workshops for both Private and Public sector organisations.

Practical retirement support

Whether you have one employee who would benefit from attending, or a group of employees who might benefit from a workshop held in your workplace, LaterLife can help.

The Planning For Retirement workshop is just one of a range of workshops and services available from LaterLife to support you and your employees as retirement approaches.

On the web

Visit LaterLife here. Our magazine site that contains thousands of pages of information and articles which are useful for your employees until they retire and for the rest of their life after work.