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Helping your employees maximise their retirement income

As an employer, you may already offer a pension scheme. You may also be engaged with an adviser to help you make sure the pension is effective in building pension pots for your employees, but that doesn’t mean than when your employees retire they will be getting the best income from the money you have helped them to save.


New Pension Freedom


Whilst from April 2015 there is greater freedom in how individuals can access their pension benefits, many will still choose an annuity to provide some or all of their income in retirement. An annuity is an insurance policy that gives them a guaranteed income for the rest of their life. Buying an annuity is a major financial transaction and the annuity market is big and complex, so it’s not surprising that many people avoid thinking about it by simply buying the annuity offered by the insurance company they built up their pensions savings with.
That’s not always a good idea, as there’s usually a better annuity available – one that suits their circumstances and preferences, and importantly gives them a bigger income.


Easy annuity search


Jelf Retirement Income Finder makes it easy to find the right annuity, as your employees get comprehensive information and help along the way, examining their options including:

  - Do they want to include their partner in the contract?
  - Would they like their income to keep pace with inflation?
  - Could they get an enhanced annuity because of poor health?
  - Do they want to take some of their pension as a lump sum?

Then Jelf Retirement Income finder searches the market for them, to get the best possible deal.

Launch Jelf Retirement Income Finder

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We have a 'quick quote' calculator available so individuals can obtain a real-time indication of how much annuity income they could receive for their pension fund.  They only need to enter a few details and it takes less than a minute.  The calculator also lets them vary some of the features available, like inflation-linking, so they can see the effect this has on the income level.



Please click here to learn more about annuities and launch the Jelf Retirement Income Finder 'Quick Quote'