Ongoing Service and Scheme Governance

It's a great relief to get your workplace pension scheme in place along with everything else you need to for your staging date. But your employer duties do not end there.


Auto enrolment includes ongoing responsibilities. Which is why, in addition to the initial consultancy, Jelf AEase also provides you with ongoing service and scheme governance. This helps keep you Auto Enrolment compliant. 

1. Ongoing service

Expert ongoing service is a major benefit of Jelf AEase.

You will need support from time-to-time to help you keep on top of changes in your business and your workforce. Included within your ongoing service you will have access to telephone and online support for enquires, as well as updates on legislation. You will also be invited to attend employee benefit seminars and receive newsletters and blog updates.



2. Scheme governance

Jelf AEase will help you discharge your governance duties.  It provides an in-depth annual governance report to help evidence that you are monitoring and reviewing your pension scheme, and this will cover:


 • Performance of the default investment fund
 • A review of the chosen scheme provider
 • The quality of service from your scheme provider
 • Scheme charges
 • Any actions required as a result of the above
 • Management information for your scheme




Integrated ongoing support helps Jelf AEase stand out from the crowd because we don't just walk away and leave you after your staging date. As well as your initial compliance we help you with your ongoing compliance as well.


Overall you receive our ongoing support and reassurance that the pension scheme you have put in place continues to meet your objectives and fulfil your Auto Enrolment responsibilities.