Other considerations

The other sections highlight some of the core financial planning needs, but of course depending on your individual circumstances and future plans, there are several other considerations that should be taken into account.  Some of these other areas are outlined briefly below and we have skilled and experienced advisers who can help with all of these areas:

Tax planning

Making sure that you have the right solutions in place to make your financial plans as tax efficient as possible and to utilise the available allowances.

Inheritance Tax Planning 

This is a specific tax planning area.  If you have a large estate Inheritance tax can seriously impact the value of your estate that you leave to your heirs on your death, and there are various options available to help mitigate against this.

School fees

Privately educating and supporting your children through university can give them a great start in life, but this can be an expensive commitment.  Appropriate financial planning, through regular savings for example, can help meet future payments.


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