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Tradesmen liability

Tradesmen, liability cover and dealing with complaints

If you’re a gardener, builder, plumber or hairdresser, you come into contact with members of the public every day, either you work out on the street, or in your customer’s…

The true cost of cyber crime

How expensive is a cyber-attack?

The media is full of stories of well-known businesses falling victim to cyber-attacks leaving customers unable to access particular services or having their personal data at risk. But as we…

technology day

Social media: a liability waiting to happen?

Have you posted your first tweet of the day yet? Updated your facebook status?  When you are in the public eye social media provides a real opportunity to create influence…

Nanotechnology – how does it impact on your insurance?

What is it, and why is it a problem? In simplified terms nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across many…

Cyber liability: are you at risk?

Cyber-attacks come in various different forms. Whether it’s from human error, opening an email attachment that turns out to be a virus, or a data-ransom, some things are just unpredictable….

renewable energy

Key insurances for Renewable Energy Traders

In the current climate, starting up a renewable energy installation company may seem a great idea; however as with all businesses it doesn’t come without risk. Many insurance quotations will…

Health and safety in the construction industry

Sub-Contractors Insurance: Who’s responsible?

Insurance is one of those things that you buy and hope you’ll never need to use; and therefore it can become all the more tempting to go with the cheapest…

retirement support

Ministry of Justice Changes postponed

The Government has announced the postponement of the planned changes to include employer’s and public liability claims in the MOJ portal and as yet no alternative date has been set….