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If you have properties, you have insurance, but what does it all mean?

As a landlord you could have one property, you could have many. Regardless of the number or type of property, you have insurance. And, hopefully you have at least attempted…


Landlords: Give your property rent appeal

PwC predicts that 7.2 million households will be in rented accommodation by 2025[1]. So, with more people than ever looking to rent, and an increasing number of ‘To Let’ signs…

Gas safety

Landlords: Stay Gas Safe or risk facing legal action

In the UK, one in five part-time landlords fail to carry out gas safety checks, potentially putting their tenants and property at risk. This includes ‘thousands who rent out their holiday…

Gas safety

Landlords are you up to date with gas safety?

With around 7 people dying each year from carbon monoxide poisoning it’s clear that the health of your residential property’s occupants can be jeopardised by poor gas safety. As a…

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Good tenant relationships are great for business

Life is much easier when you get on with someone. But when it comes to your landlord-tenant relationship, maintaining a good relationship is also good for business. Developing a positive…

Landlords: Help with the national student housing shortage

Landlords are you interested in letting to students? Here are our top 8 facts to help you get it right.

Landlords, legislation and lunch

We have probably all heard the quote ‘the only thing that is constant is change’ and that certainly seems to be the case for landlords at the moment. Following a…

Landlords: Help tenants protect your property

A secure home is a happy home, are your tenants protecting your property? Follow these handy tips and avoid costly damages to property, doors, windows and locks which are a…

Identity theft

Landlords, look out for identity theft

Tenant information, prospective tenant information, reference checks. Landlords and property managers hold a lot of data. Personal data. And as we all know personal data carries a high price tag….

For private landlords, knowledge is key

The last six months have seen a number of changes in the Law that will have a significant impact on private Landlords and, with the changes to tax relief, coming…