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international healthcare insurance

Oman Mandatory Healthcare Insurance – The GCC trend continues

Healthcare infrastructure has evolved significantly throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as a result of constant investment by each member country. Some of the regional facilities are now on a…

international healthcare insurance

Six ways to keep your staff healthy abroad

There’s no doubt that your staff work hard and deserve a well-earned holiday. But have you thought about how a simple health complaint or a more serious problem could ruin…

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High net worth individuals need more appropriate IPMI policies, says Jelf International

The International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) needs of high net worth individuals needs better consideration, according to Jelf International. The company believes that understanding the requirements of such individuals and…

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EHIC not a replacement for IPMI, says Jelf International

Employers warned to not pay for duplication of cover between IPMI and travel insurance In a press release issued by the ABI earlier this month (13 July 2016), the organisation…

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EEF/Jelf survey – Industry urges radical action to tackle sickness absence

Tax breaks for medical treatments urged to reduce burden on stretched NHS Key findings: Two fifths of manufacturers say long term absence increased in last 2 years NHS not meeting…

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Being employed or employing people in Dubai just got more complicated and potentially costly, due to new health insurance regulations, warns Jelf International

In an effort to protect and maintain its world-class healthcare facilities, Dubai has over the past decade kept a careful watch on levels of migration in to the country and…

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Jelf International predicts a closer alignment between health insurers and security companies

With the now constant threat of terrorism around the world, Jelf International predicts a closer alignment between providers of International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) and security firms. Jelf International forecasts…

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Healthcare regulation amalgamation predicted for Gulf States says Jelf

Whilst Dubai is leading the way in terms of legislating for expat healthcare in the Gulf – Qatar, Abu Dhabi and others are watching and learning, that’s according to Jelf…

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Jelf launches video to highlight the main issues faced by employers with staff abroad

Jelf International has today launched a new video aimed at highlighting the International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) issues faced by UK employers with a multi-national workforce. The video hosted on…

Sending employees abroad

Take a trip around the world of international benefits

International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) can be a complex business, especially when you need to find cover that complies with all the local legislations and regulations of a chosen country….