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keep staff healthy

Keep your staff healthy this winter

A minor illness, such as flu, is the most common cause for short-term sickness among employees in the UK. And can even cause long-term absence of four weeks or more1….

Kick start your fitness

Kick-start your fitness goals

The warmer months often get people thinking about improving their fitness and getting their bodies ‘summer-ready’. Yet, according to research from the NHS, 1 in 4 adults exercise less than…

Health & Wellbeing: What notes are you hitting?

We were fortunate indeed to welcome Professor Dame Carol Black – the well-known expert adviser on Health and Work to NHS England and Public Health England – to our seminar programme on…

retirement support

Jelf practices what it preaches with wearable technology and Bupa digital platform

Jelf Employee Benefits has launched a wearable technology pilot scheme for 60 colleagues, with plans to roll out the scheme more widely across the employee benefits business soon. The company…

A key piece to the puzzle?

Last week I wrote about the productivity puzzle and how the UK lags very far behind most of the other major economies of the G7 on this particular measure. There are of…