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Employee health and wellbeing: for the many, not the few

Employee health and wellbeing is something that all organisations should be thinking about, yet according to recent research, only 8%[i] of workplaces have a specific strategy in place. Of course,…

Employee wellbeing

The power of employee benefits for mental and physical wellness

Building a healthy workforce is key to the success of any business, no matter what size or shape it is. But just how many employers offer the type of benefits…


Ten out-of-the-box employee benefits

Running a business can be all consuming and it’s easy to focus on the bottom line. Everyday tasks become run of the mill, including the benefits you offer your employees….

The importance of dental health

It might surprise you, but a quarter of adults in the UK have not visited a dentist in the last two years[i], and 1 in 4 admit they don’t brush…

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Keep your staff healthy this winter

A minor illness, such as flu, is the most common cause for short-term sickness among employees in the UK. And can even cause long-term absence of four weeks or more1….

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Six ways to keep your staff healthy abroad

There’s no doubt that your staff work hard and deserve a well-earned holiday. But have you thought about how a simple health complaint or a more serious problem could ruin…

Employee wellbeing

8 Surprising ways to improve wellbeing

We all know that eating well and regular exercise will help lead to a better and healthier life. But did you know that there are other ways that you can…

Kick start your fitness

Kick-start your fitness goals

The warmer months often get people thinking about improving their fitness and getting their bodies ‘summer-ready’. Yet, according to research from the NHS, 1 in 4 adults exercise less than…


Loneliness: The ‘Silent Killer’

An estimated 8 million British men reported feeling lonely at least once a week. That’s according to a survey conducted by the Jo Cox Commission on loneliness. The survey reveals…

Do you know your limits?

Did you know that UK employees take 17 million sick days a year due to alcohol-related illness, costing employers an estimated £1.7bn1? The NHS recommends: men and women do not…