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Data Reform: What the GDPR really means for your business

Data protection and privacy laws are currently a very hot topic. The biggest reform in two decades is currently underway, touching businesses right across Europe .The new EU General Data…

Identity theft

Landlords, look out for identity theft

Tenant information, prospective tenant information, reference checks. Landlords and property managers hold a lot of data. Personal data. And as we all know personal data carries a high price tag….

Raise awareness of the cyber risks in your business.

When people hear the term, “cyber risk” it’s very easy for them to jump directly onto the topic of hackers and hacking. Hackers obviously still pose a significant threat, but…

Cyber liability: are you at risk?

Cyber-attacks come in various different forms. Whether it’s from human error, opening an email attachment that turns out to be a virus, or a data-ransom, some things are just unpredictable….

Standard applications and the risk of data breach

Almost all industries still utilise common applications such as Word and Excel, and even though they may seem innocuous enough they are in fact a greater risk to your data…

CCTV and Data Protection: Is your business compliant?

Security is always going to be a key issue when running a business so it is perhaps not surprising that many organisations use CCTV at their workplaces. In fact the…