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women in construction

Women in construction: are companies missing out?

The building and construction industry contributes over £92 million1  to the UK economy, but currently suffers from a serious lack of gender diversity. Just 11%2  of the workforce is made up…

Invoice fraud alerts issued to Construction sector

According to a survey, cyber-crime is costing the construction industry almost £2 billion per year.* Invoice fraud in particular has become an all-too-common risk for businesses especially within the construction industry….

Health and safety in the construction industry

How dangerous is the UK construction industry?

The UK construction industry is amongst the safest in the world as a result of strict health and safety laws. The ‘long-term trend has seen the rate of fatalities more…

Health and safety construction image

Reduce construction risks and injuries with these health and safety tips

In an industry where working at height, with tools, electricity etc. is the norm; there is no denying the health and safety risks inherent in construction. On a daily basis,…

Health and safety in the construction industry

Designing your way to a safer workplace?

The planning of any construction project is surely the most important part of the process? That’s why the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) were developed. The CDM…

Who are Britain’s most popular tradesmen?

It’s probably not surprising that, when it comes selecting a tradesmen, cost tends to be a major factor for customers. However, everything from the way they dress, to their manners…


Construction – the most dangerous industry in the UK?

In an industry where working at height is a daily reality should we be surprised that analysis by construction union UCATT points to construction as the most dangerous industry in…