Risk Management

restaurant crime

Protecting your restaurant from crime this Christmas

Whilst restaurants are always subject to peaks and troughs, Christmas tends to be that time of year when they are undoubtedly at their busiest. Wine is flowing and spirits are…

legal disputes advice

Spotlight on Mental Health in the Workplace – Infographic

The way to think about mental health is that we all have it. Some are thriving but some are struggling. An individual can have a serious mental health problem but…

flood rain extreme weather

Extreme weather events are becoming more regular. Is your business prepared?

Whether you believe in climate change or not it is clear from the events both at home and abroad that your business needs to be prepared and protected. Hurricanes, floods…

fireworks safety

Are you planning a firework display? Risk reduction advice for fireworks events.

Fireworks are a staple for celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. When your business or organisation puts on a special event with fireworks, take precautions to…


Did you know voluntary overtime must be included in holiday pay?

As an employer, you might not think that voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay. Previously, there hasn’t been a black and white decision on this, but now there…

summer fete event

For the perfect event, make sure it’s protected

There’s nothing like a great event for people to enjoy, whether it’s a local fete, a swish wedding or an impressive conference! Everyone in attendance has little to no idea…

employment tribunal

Legal update: Victory for workers as tribunal fees are scrapped

On Wednesday 26th July, Unison reported that they had won a landmark victory against the government. A victory which decided employment tribunal fees will be scrapped. Since July 2013, an…

safety hat

Safety incentive programmes in the workplace

As safety procedures are becoming paramount in the workplace, implementing a safety incentive programme can be an effective way to achieve higher safety standards. An incentive programme recognises workers for…

food business

Have you prepared your business insurance for growth?

It can be exciting to be the owner of an expanding business, but there are a number of things that need to be thought about. The business may require more…

Business interruption emergency exit fire risk

Risk assessments: don’t play with fire

Fire safety in the workplace is vitally important if your business is going to avoid potentially significant fines and even criminal prosecution for the person carrying out the risk assessment….