Cyber Liability

Whatever type of business you run, it’s likely that your reliance on technology has grown in recent years. Cyber Liability Insurance has been designed to protect you and your business against significant risks, both external and internal, to the data, information and networks that might be illegally accessed or misused.

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Data Reform: What the GDPR really means for your business

Data protection and privacy laws are currently a very hot topic. The biggest reform in two decades is currently underway, touching businesses right across Europe .The new EU General Data…

When does Cyber Insurance keep your email secure?

There are a host of email scamming techniques currently doing the rounds. Long gone are the days of an email from a mysterious Nigerian Prince, promising you millions in return for your…

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Objections to Cyber Insurance – and why you should ignore them

The need for Cyber Insurance can be a hard one to understand. Why do you need insurance to protect you from hackers? Your antivirus software does that doesn’t it? Well, kind of….

Online extortion demand affecting UK businesses

When people think cyber, they tend to jump straight onto the topic of hackers and hacking. But what does that actually look like? You might imagine a techno warrior illegally…

The true cost of cyber crime

TalkTalk profits fall following cyber-attack

After reports of a cyber-attack on telecommunications network TalkTalk surfaced in October 2015 they have now revealed that the cyber-attack may have caused their profits to half. The BBC reports…

Ransomware – can your business survive it?

As a business what is your greatest fear? I think high on the list must be the fear of losing client data, or more to the point access to computer…

Identity theft

Landlords, look out for identity theft

Tenant information, prospective tenant information, reference checks. Landlords and property managers hold a lot of data. Personal data. And as we all know personal data carries a high price tag….

Cyber risks – more than just hackers

Cyber risks are an everyday occurrence. Hackers obviously still pose a significant risk, but simple things like leaving your laptop unlocked, losing your blackberry or opening an infected email pose…

Raise awareness of the cyber risks in your business.

When people hear the term, “cyber risk” it’s very easy for them to jump directly onto the topic of hackers and hacking. Hackers obviously still pose a significant threat, but…

Cyber Security Top Tips

To help keep your company cyber secure first identify the areas where you’re vulnerable. Then you can prioritise fixing any areas that serve as an open invitation to cyber criminals….