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brexit blue european union EU flag on broken wall and half great britain flag

Implications of leaving the EU

Following the vote to leave the EU and the subsequent market volatility we are in uncharted territory.  No state has left the EU before and Article 50 has never been…


Employment law post BREXIT, what does the future hold?

Thursday 23rd June 2016 saw Britain chose to leave the EU in a historic vote, which is predicted to have lasting consequences. A period of uncertainty is likely but Britain…

Screen of laptop computer showing alert that the computer was attacked by ransomware.

Ransomware scams on the increase

2015 saw an almost 170 per cent increase in the number of businesses across the globe that reported being the target of ransomware scams, according to a report from Intel…

Keychain figure of house and key on stone table

Good tenant relationships are great for business

Life is much easier when you get on with someone. But when it comes to your landlord-tenant relationship, maintaining a good relationship is also good for business. Developing a positive…

Love the gadgets in your home? Check you have the best cover.

Don’t let your insurance fall short when it comes to looking after your tech. We have 5 top tips to help you get it right.

Landlords: Help with the national student housing shortage

Landlords are you interested in letting to students? Here are our top 8 facts to help you get it right.

Car interior, engine start button under the steering wheel

Selfies, texts and accident prone?

Whilst we may think about dangerous driving as drinking or using drugs at the wheel, the modern life of today possesses so many more risks to drivers whilst on the…

The true cost of cyber crime

TalkTalk profits fall following cyber-attack

After reports of a cyber-attack on telecommunications network TalkTalk surfaced in October 2015 they have now revealed that the cyber-attack may have caused their profits to half. The BBC reports…

Are you prepared if disaster strikes?

Unfortunately, it’s usually the big disasters that come with the least warning. With many businesses being unprepared for such an event, it’s those that are forced to suspend operations due…

Smart home control technology. Remote automation system on mobile device.

Your ‘smart home’ may not be as secure as you think.

Your home is your castle. But larger estates can be a beacon for criminal activity, whether you live in the UK or abroad. The personal safety of you and your…