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Enjoy your art collection for generations

Collections of fine art and other collectibles can be an expression of your passions and interests. Whether you like Monet or Michelangelo, Hurst or Hockney you will want your items…

Screen of laptop computer showing alert that the computer was attacked by ransomware.

Ransomware: Be aware!

We all know what a computer virus is, and most of us take action to protect our computers from becoming infected at home and in business. However, you may not…

employee retention

Employee retention: Beating the skills shortage

It’s no secret that we’re living longer than ever. In the decade to 2015, the number of centenarians in the UK rose by 65% compared to the previous ten years[1]….

Invoice fraud alerts issued to Construction sector

According to a survey, cyber-crime is costing the construction industry almost £2 billion per year.* Invoice fraud in particular has become an all-too-common risk for businesses especially within the construction industry….


Subletting: who really lives in your property?

According to estimates from the Office of National Statistics, housing is the largest non-financial asset in the UK, with a net value of £5.5 trillion[1]. In 2016, the average property…


Advent of crowdfunding

One of the main innovations in both finance and technology over the past few years has been the advent of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking…

Gas safety

Landlords: Stay Gas Safe or risk facing legal action

In the UK, one in five part-time landlords fail to carry out gas safety checks, potentially putting their tenants and property at risk. This includes ‘thousands who rent out their holiday…


Fire: Is your business fully prepared?

A fire in the workplace presents huge risks to property and to the health of employees and the public. It can physically damage or destroy buildings, contents and equipment, potentially…

Keep your business buoyant

A flood can sometimes be predictable. Charting the habitual swelling of the tides establishes typical water levels and indicates when coastal areas might flood. However, more often than not, floods…

employment tribunal

New laws for a new year

With 2017 now in full swing you are most likely implementing your business plans for the New Year. As part of these plans it is worth considering the forthcoming employment…