Safer Internet Day: making the web a safer place

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From cyber bullying to social networking, each year Safer Internet Day (SID) aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns.

While mainly focused on ensuring children use the internet safely, it’s important to remember that these issues extend into the workplace in many forms. Not only are your employee’s families likely to benefit from awareness of these issues and the resources provided by SID, but the day gives you a great opportunity to review the conduct of your people and their use of the internet within your organisation.

Be the change: Unite for a better internet

The theme of this year’s event, taking place today, Tuesday, 7 February 2017, is on being the change and uniting for a better internet. It’s a great opportunity to review your current situation regarding how you and your people use the web.

Social media

Are you using social to the best of your abilities? Is your social media policy up-to-date, have your people read it and understood it? Does everyone in your business understand how to conduct themselves online to avoid bringing your business into disrepute.

Being the change means leading by example. So make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Web and content

Is your website up-to-date and compliant? Do you have an up-to-date privacy and cookie policy that you are enforcing? When was the last time you reviewed your media? Does your content have comments that need moderation?

Reviewing your content, especially wherever people are able to comment or drop links, is an important step in ensuring your website is safe and accurate for all users.


How do you collect data? How do you use it? Are your policies up-to-date and clearly laid out for your customers? Is it secure?

Data is power and the last thing you want is for a criminal to get hold of your client data and use it for their own nefarious ends. So make sure your ship is watertight.

The SID website ( features a resource library with a huge amount of free insight to help you educate your people. If you’re worried about the cyber risks faced by your business, we’d be more than happy to help.

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