Tradesmen, liability cover and dealing with complaints

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If you’re a gardener, builder, plumber or hairdresser, you come into contact with members of the public every day, either you work out on the street, or in your customer’s home. If you accidentally injure someone or damage his or her property, there’s a very real chance you could be sued.

According to statistics from the House of Commons[1], the construction sector represents 18% of all businesses in the UK. But, only 8% of them have employees. This means most tradesmen in the industry are self-employed.  And, when you are your own boss, the buck stops with you. Take care to make sure you do everything you can to protect your business.

That’s why many tradesmen take out liability insurance to protect their business.

Different types of liability cover

  • Public liability insurance this gives you cover in case someone is hurt, suffers an illness or has their property damaged because of something you’ve done. That might be as simple as spilling a drink on their phone, or them tripping over a cable. This isn’t a legal requirement, but it protects you from incidents you cause.
  • Employers’ liability insuranceif you’re employing people, taking on volunteers or working with self-employed contractors, legally, you have to have this cover. If an employee is hurt or becomes ill because you haven’t properly protected them, you could be liable.

How a liability claim could affect your business

However careful you are, accidents happen and it’s important to protect yourself. Could you afford to pay compensation? Go through a costly court case if an employee is hurt? Or pay for damage you caused to a customer’s property? Situations like these could mean going out of business – or at the very least, damage your professional reputation.

Take a look at our useful infographic for some tips and hints to help avoid a liability claim. Or contact your usual Jelf consultant if you need more information about different types of Tradesmen cover.

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