How the best companies attract and retain their staff

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The best companies to work for are likely to be more productive because their staff are really engaged and happy at work. Lists of the best companies are created each year by several organisations across the world, but what makes them the best places to work?

Best company culture

Your company doesn’t have to be Google to be the best. You might think leading tech and innovation companies are always going to beat the competition, but it’s not about the company itself. Rather, it’s the attitude of senior management and their approach to their employees, their industry and the wider world.

Another factor in making your company a great place to work is that you practice what you preach. If your company values are at odds with your projects and initiatives your employees will notice, and they won’t like it.

Best senior management

A couple of the organisations who create the best company lists suggest that it has to do with their senior management and the management style. How your employees feel about the head of the company and your senior managers is likely to have an effect on their attitude to the company and how engaged they are with their work.

Traditionally, an employee’s career path is geared to work towards management. But this doesn’t necessarily match with everyone’s skills. Making sure that the right people are in the right place and deserve to be there is important.

Best company benefits package

You might think to get the best staff you have to pay the most, but this isn’t necessarily true either. What matters is that the package you provide is:

  1. appropriate for the job (i.e. fair pay)
  2. relevant to your employees and their lives outside of work
  3. offering more than could get on their own

Of course opportunities for learning and development are often desirable, but that’s not enough. Some companies offer more unusual, out of the box benefits to attract staff, but these don’t have to break the bank (read our article to find out more). What’s most important is that you’re offering benefits that people will use and that fulfil a real need.

A good work-life balance is also important for engaged and happy employees. It’s important for you to see your employees as a person with a responsibilities apart from their day job, and to provide them support to manage all of these effectively. Some companies allow employees to work the hours they want as long as their work is completed. Others provide benefits that make their employees’ lives easier: whether that’s extra parental leave or a day off to volunteer, it all makes a difference.


The best companies to work for are those that seem to focus as much on their employees as they do on their clients. If you want your employees to be loyal, engaged and motivated, then you should do as much as you can to make their working life and their place of work the best it can be.





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