8 Surprising ways to improve wellbeing

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We all know that eating well and regular exercise will help lead to a better and healthier life. But did you know that there are other ways that you can help make your life better, and even live longer?

Here are 8 surprising ways that you can improve your wellbeing:

  1. Spice up your life – people who regularly eat hot red chillies have a 13% lower risk of death than those who don’t, according to US journal PLOS ONE1.
  2. Don’t fill up – Research suggests that eating only until you feel about 80% full might add years to some people’s lives2. Slow down your eating and remember it can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to register when you’re full. So wait a while before you swoop in for seconds.
  3. Go nuts for nuts – Eating a small handful of nuts each day could cut your risk of premature death by 22%3. It’s thought that nuts help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Choose the unsalted varieties and stick to a small serving to ward off any weight gain.
  4. Fancy a brew? – A Stanford University study found a link between caffeine intake and low levels of inflammation in the body. So enjoy that flat white in the morning in the knowledge that it could be doing you good and adding a few more years to the clock too4.
  5. Be a bookworm – Research from Yale University found that people who bury their heads in books live almost two years longer than those who don’t read!5
  6. Don’t be a stranger – Research shows that loneliness can be as deadly as smoking and drinking. But, strong friendships and a buzzing social life can improve your chances of living a longer life by 50%.6
  7. Get stronger and live longer – Lifting weights isn’t just about bulking up your muscle. Strong, healthy muscles help keep you mobile and can even lead to a longer life. Penn State College of Medicine found over 65s who lifted weights twice a week was 46% less likely to suffer premature death7.
  8. Enjoy yourself – It’s no surprise that people who have a positive outlook on life live longer. In fact a study found that people with a positive outlook during middle age and beyond, lived longer than those who found little pleasure in what they did. So enjoy life and you’ll likely have more of it!8

Start your journey to a more fulfilled, and longer, life.

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4 Stanford University
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