Landlords, legislation and lunch

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We have probably all heard the quote ‘the only thing that is constant is change’ and that certainly seems to be the case for landlords at the moment. Following a raft of legislative changes Jelf decided to hold a lunchtime event to help landlords get up to speed.

The event saw specialists from Jelf Claims Consultancy, Thursfields Solicitors and Veri-Check Referencing Agent provide an overview of the ‘Amendments to Section 21’ and the ‘Right to Rent legislation, as well as providing updates on the latest property risks and claims trends.

Julian Hilton, Regional Managing Director at Jelf Insurance Brokers, who led the event, commented: “In recent months there have been a number of legal changes that will have a significant impact on private landlords, not least the changes to tax relief which takes effect next month. These are changing and challenging times for people in the private rental market and Jelf works with an array of clients to provide advice, support and insurance cover to support them through these changes.”

The audience, which brought together businesses from across Worcestershire, were given insight into the changes to Section 21 and what this means for them as landlords. Julian explained: “Thankfully for many landlords eviction is never an issue. However for some these changes could have a big impact and therefore knowledge is key in helping them to successfully run their business.”

Also discussed on the day was the ‘Right to Rent’ legislation which details that all landlords have to show that their tenants have the correct paperwork and are living in the UK legally with the correct visa or are EU citizens. Julian continues, “The legislation has been designed to identify illegal immigrants, but landlords need to consider how they will conduct these checks as part of their processes.”

Concluding the day, Julian said: “Our event was a great success and a real eye opener for those attending. It was also valuable to us to understand the pressures on local businesses and learn how we can help support them better through the services we provide.”

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