JEB Seminars: How to avoid the “Sold Out!” signs…

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The popularity of the Jelf Employment Seminars in London and the South East continues to grow, and we are now regularly attracting employer audiences of more than 200 to our main events.

But why are our events so successful?  Perhaps it’s best to provide just a selection of the quotes from our audience (senior HR and Finance professionals) to do the talking for us on this point:

“Informative, Entertaining, Enjoyable”

“Excellent as always – fun and informative.  Thank you!”

“Thank you.  Delivered professionally & with passion and fun”

“Very informative.  First time attending a Jelf Seminar & will definitely come again”

“Very interesting & different to any other intermediary presentations”

“Excellent event!  Very informative and engaging”

“Brilliant as usual”

And there are many, many more such comments in support of the style and format of our events.

Yet with such success comes a problem.  All too often our clients miss out on seminar places because the events are often fully booked in just a matter of days.  So what can you do to ensure that you have the best chance of securing your place in the future?

A few tips that may help here:

1.  If you have not already, ensure that any potential delegates are on the Jelf mailing lists.  To register delegates on our marketing lists please email with the following details for each delegate:

  • Full name
  • Job Title*
  • Company Name
  • Work Email Address
  • Direct Dial contact number

2.  Ensure that your company internet protocols (particularly spam filters) are set to allow emails and e-shots from Jelf to reach your inbox.

3.  React quickly.  All seminars places are allocated on a strict “first come, first served” basis, so early responders are less likely to be disappointed.  So look out for our invites via our updates and e-shots, this blog (where all events are advertised), and (of course) communications from your usual Jelf consultant(s).

4.  When booking a place please ensure that all the required information (for each delegate) is provided, as any omissions here can result in a delay and sometimes the loss of the required seminar place as a result.

5.  Be aware of our Terms and Conditions of acceptance (which includes a late cancellation charge).  All seminar acceptances are deemed to have accepted these terms, and regular breaches (particularly late cancellation of places and/or no shows** on the day) of these rules may result in future non-acceptance of a reservation.

6.  If you live or work away from the South East of England, then you may be better served attending one of our smaller (but no less fun and informative!) regional events.  These events are also advertised here on the blog, and we regularly run events in the Bristol/ Cardiff region and Manchester and the North West, as well as other regions as appropriate.  If you would like to be added to the mailing lists for other regions please email and I will ensure that this is done.

So these simple tips may help you secure those much sought after seminar places in the future.

Finally, please be assured that we have no intention of letting this success go to our heads.  We are constantly looking to improve and add to our usual mix of topical employment subjects, informed (and often fun) speakers, and of course interesting venues.  Any thoughts or ideas are welcome to

Thanks for attending in the past, and we hope to see you in one of our forthcoming events later this year.

Best regards


* these events are targeted at senior HR and Finance professionals – so other job holders may not be offered a seminar place.

** as set out in our Terms and Conditions, the non-usage of places as a result of late cancellations and no-shows prevents other delegates from attending, and also involves the Jelf seminar team in additional work and costs.  Please therefore only book a place if you are certain of attendance.  Regular non-attendees are removed from future invites.

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About the author

Steve Herbert is an award-winning thought leader on Pensions and Employee Benefit issues. His principal aim is better communicating the value and usage of employee benefits to employers. This he has achieved through many (highly successful) seminar series over the last decade, and his regular and widely read blog posts on the subject.
He also acts as a judge in HR and Employee Benefits industry awards, article writer, and product innovator. Steve is a regular contributor to DWP forums and compulsive responder to formal Government Consultations on pension and employee benefit issues. He is occasionally accused of making employee benefits interesting.