Provisional driving licence drops from £50 to £34

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Young drivers will be delighted by the news that the government has cut the price of a provisional driving licence, which it hopes will make prospect of getting on the road that bit more enticing.

Applying for a provisional licence online has dropped from £50 to £34, while the cost to renew online after 10 years has fallen from £20 to £14.

The Independent reports that the changes came into effect on 31 October, with the government believing it will save drivers more than £80 million.


Many young drivers are often put off by the costs associated with learning to drive, but it’s hoped that this move will ease the initial outlay for learners.

The DVLA processes one million “first licence” applications every year and the drop in fees is predicted to save new drivers £82.2 million over 10 years, with more than three quarters (77%) of these applications made by 17- to 24-year-olds.

On top of this, 2.1 million photocard licences are renewed every year, meaning that motorists already holding a full licence would save £61.3 million collectively over a decade.

Claire Perry, the transport minister, said: “The cost of driving, especially for young drivers, can be significant and we are committed to cutting costs where we can.”

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, warmly received the announcement, suggesting that cost is the primary factor which puts young people off driving.

“Incomes for teenagers have been under downward pressure at the same time as motoring costs have generally been rising. This move is welcome,” he added.

How to save when you’re learning to drive

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However, there are specialist insurance products that will help young drivers gain access to affordable options when insuring a learner or new driver as well as purchasing a car.

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Source: Independant

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