Drivers turn to in-car cameras

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Drivers are turning to in-car cameras to avoid insurance scams, with ‘crash for cash’ crimes unfortunately becoming more prevalent on UK roads. One in four motorists (26%) believe making in-car cameras compulsory will go some way to curtailing the issue.

Research from the RAC suggests motorists are coming around to the idea of having theirs and other road users’ driving captured on film, with nearly two in five (39%) drivers considering fitting an in-car camera.

Turning to technology

In order to avoid becoming a victim of staged car crashes, 71% of people surveyed believe the introduction of dashboard cameras would help cut the fraudulent car insurance claims resulting from ‘crash for cash’ scams.

At present, only a small section of the driving public appear to have put a camera in their vehicle, with only 4% of the drivers questioned having chosen to implement one.

However, RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams highlighted how accident cameras are commonplace in several countries – especially those where unscrupulous driving practices are widespread.

He continued that when used correctly, dashboard cameras can be a useful aid to British drivers, who are clearly concerned about falling victim to a driving scam.

How could it affect your insurance?

“When used in conjunction with a telematics ‘black box’ they can also provide accurate information of driver behaviour to help customers and insurers to deal with claims more quickly,” Williams added.

Only a small proportion (3%) of those surveyed had been a victim of an insurance scam to date. However, of those that had, 73% were on the unfortunate end of a ‘crash for cash’ incident.

Source: RAC


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