88% of Company Car Drivers Admit Speeding

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Research from the RAC suggests that company car drivers are more likely to speed than private motorists, with almost nine out of ten admitting to regularly exceeding the speed limit on motorways. When 1526 UK motorists were questioned in the RAC’s Report on Motoring 2014, 88% of company car drivers admitted to being somewhat heavy-footed on Britain’s motorways, compared to 67% of private motorists.

The report also found that almost two-thirds of (62%) of company car drivers admit to reaching speeds of 80mph on motorways, which is almost double that of regular motorists (32%). It was a similar outcome for those drivers confessing to having exceeded 90mph, with 8% of company car motorists putting their hand up, compared to 3% of other drivers.

So why do they do it?

  • Roughly a third (31%) of company car drivers said they were just following the general flow of traffic
  • A fifth (19%) attributed it to the driving conditions being favourable
  • 15% said 70mph felt too pedestrian
  • Almost one in 10 (8%) believe that modern cars are built to go faster than the speed limit dictates.

David Aldridge, business services director at RAC, said that businesses should take a closer look at their fleet of company vehicles, as collecting speeding points is “ultimately bad for business”. He suggested that fleet managers should look into implementing telematics – black box cameras – into all their vehicles, as this will likely improve driver behaviour as well as help managers take ownership of their fleet.

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