The Income Tax regulations in focus

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There is no doubt that sickness absence is a real concern for the UK’s economy, especially when you consider the facts:

  • 1 million workers are off sick for over a month each year1
  • 300,000 people fall out of work each year and into welfare because of health problems1
  • £595 is the average median cost of absence per employee2
  • 7.6 days are lost on average per employee due to absence2

HM Revenue and Customs has recently produced a consultation document explaining how the Income Tax (Recommended Medical Treatment) regulations 2014 for medical interventions should work in practice. This is designed to sit alongside the Fit for Work Service, which starts its early pilots in the UK from October onwards, and will be nationally available to all by spring 2015.

Read our latest edition of In Focus where we explore the draft regulations for the Income Tax (Recommended Medical Treatment) and why intervention is such an important aspect of absence management.

Iain Laws
Managing Director – Healthcare & Group Risk


1 Department for Work and Pensions
2 CIPD Sickness Absence Survey 2013

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